Monday, June 12, 2017

stem with a silent assistant

On Friday 9th 3 grade and 4 grade did a stem challenge we had to do the stem challenge individually but there was a little switch up the switch was we had one of our parents as our silent assistant so they could help us but they could not talk. I chose the cards in the clouds challenge because i felt like i learned a lot about how to place the cards correctly and more sturdy and the cards in the clouds challenge was the most fun challenge for me.the reason why we did this stem challenge individually is because to prove that we know and that we have learned all the things to help us build. you have to look at your plans look at the constraints and the criteria and get your materials.  

the most challenging part of this stem challenge was that if a card fell down and it had a piece of tape on it, it would be wasting tape and that is what happened to me and also when a card falls of the building sometimes the building falls down with the card. the easiest part of this stem challenge was that we had someone helping to hold the building up or doing something else to held you.

the stem challenge worked well for me and the reason why is because i had a silent assistant. what the silent assistant did is she/he would do whatever you told them to do my silent assistant was my mom.what i would do differently is that i would not stack all the cards the way i did i should have made i taller.

i really liked this stem challenge.


Thursday, May 4, 2017

book club loser

for our book club we were reading this book called Jerry Spinnelli and it is about this boy called Donald zincoff and he is really nice but nobody likes him. you can see him grow over the years.

i enjoyed the book because it has a nice story and i loved that Donald Zincoff is so positive and i also liked this book because you can see Zincoff grow by the years and you can see how he has handled all those years of being treated badly.

i learned that you have to be kind to others and if they are not kind to you do not go back at them ignore them and always think of the positive side of things not the negative side of things. and something i also learned from this book is always be yourself no matter what other people say it is not there chose to tell you who you are going to be like you tell yourself that.

i think ms.Bradley this book for us because we have to understand how it feels to be in a persons shoes and that person does not get treated good and not everyone is kind to each other.

i think that it is important to read books that other people recommend because you get to see if you like the book and you can someone else's perspective of that book and if they liked it.

the rules of bookclub is that you have to respect everyone that is talking so is someone else is talking you can not start saying something else while they are speaking. you have to be prepared for bookclub other wise you get a strike and once you get three strikes you get an email to your parents. what i mean that you have to be prepared is that you have to have read up to the page that you are supposed too and you have to have notes in the book about what happened.

i think we should not get mad at each other if someone starts to say something but i think we should not blurt out things and interrupt people.  


Tuesday, April 25, 2017


My portfolio piece in music is Aladdin the spring play that we did in 2017.    

I picked this piece because I feel like I really improved from all the other play's that I did. 

The most challenging thing for me was the  dancing because you really had to concentrate on what you were doing and you had to memorize the dance moves which was really hard because you had a lot of things to memorize.

I am proud of my singing because I was really loud and I pronounced all the words properly. I am also proud of my dancing because I am not a dancer so it was hard to do the steps, but I am proud of me trying.   

Monday, April 10, 2017

Pasar Rumbai

The trip was about going to the market and learning all the different fruits and veggies names there at the market. We were there to practice our barging skills and we were there to practice our counting of numbers. It is not only about saying the words it is about understanding what other people are saying and what you are saying. 
The most challenging for me was trying to understand what they were saying because they did not say the same thing like we practiced so it was hard to bargain with them. What I also found challenging is trying to bargain with them because they would not understand that you were trying to bargain with them.
I want to go back to the market with my mom and a friend so we can bargain more and buy more stuff. What I enjoyed about going to the market was we got to see a lot of different fruit and vegetables  at the market,and I enjoyed it because you with a friend and you got to take all the things that you bought home.
I was being a self directive learner because at home I was practicing the words and the numbers.

Thank you ibu Ulma and ibu Ida for the great experience.